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Public Trust Realty Group

Find a Mortgage

Shop for a home with confidence. Start the mortgage pre-approval process now.

House hunting? We’d like to make your home financing journey as simple and smooth as possible. After all, our mortgage experts offer the same kind of legendary service our real estate customers across the country have come to expect.

Our licensed mortgage loan originators serve many PublicTrust offices*. He or she is the only person you need to assist you with your mortgage financing. They’ll help you determine the monthly payment you're comfortable with and provide you with a mortgage credit decision before you shop for your home. Your Credit Pre-Approval Guarantee will specify the actual loan amount, as well as the loan type and term. (This mortgage pre-approval letter is, of course, subject to an acceptable appraisal of the home you eventually purchase.**)


With you every step of the way!

With hundreds of loan products to choose from, your mortgage partner can work with you to create a tailor-made package and make sure you obtain your mortgage financing within the time specified in your contract. He or she can also coordinate every facet of homeownership--from Homeowners Insurance to Title Insurance to Home Protection Plans--connecting you with virtually any other service you need to buy, sell or live in your home! After all, with 18 integrated real estate companies, PublicTrust has the organizational resources to support you from contact to close!


How we help you

Get pre-approved for mortgage financing

Since a pre-approval is based on your specific financial situation, it's the key to understanding which properties to consider. Not only that, it tells home sellers that you’re a serious buyer with the ability to obtain a mortgage. That’s why, when considering your application, your mortgage partner evaluates your income, debts, employment history, credit history and more!

Discover your purchasing power

Before going through the mortgage pre-approval process, our financial tools help you quickly calculate the finances involved in purchasing a home. PublicTrust’s Prequalification Calculator lets you determine the income a mortgage lender would expect you to make in order to qualify for certain loan amounts. Whether you’re buying or refinancing, our Mortgage Payment Calculator computes the payment and interest rate for any mortgage. Compare your options with our Rent Vs. Own Calculator. And even create an Amortization Schedule to visualize the process for paying down debt.

Refinance your Mortgage

Let one of our Mortgage Partners review your current mortgage and see whether we can provide you with a package for refinancing that will create a significant savings for you. Depending on your current interest rate and the amount of equity you have in your home, you may be able to take money out and keep your monthly payments steady … or even lower them!

Your Mortgage Lending Partner will offer you literally hundreds of different mortgage products, including:

Fixed-rate mortgages from 10 years up to the standard 30-year terms
Adjustable-rate mortgages from 10 years up to the standard 30-year terms
FHA and VA loans with down payments as small as 3.5%
Loans amounts as large as $4 million
Options that allow for a low-down payment